God answers prayers… they just aren’t always what we really WANT answered…

Case in point. A month ago we noticed that we weren’t getting as much hot water as normal. We thought maybe it was a problem with the hot water heater. So two more weeks pass (hey, life gets hectic when you have two kids, go to school and work…) when we finally go to drain the hot water heater. We needed to go down into the basement/crawl space, it’s awkward and dark, to shut off the water pump so that we could drain it completely. We found that a pipe broke and was pouring hot water straight from out heater into the basement. DAMN!

Good thing for Homeowners insurance! And part of me thought about how cool it would be if they told us that it all needed to be ripped out! We might even be able to get a new house!! Gosh, that’d be SOOOOOO cool to have a new house!

So we had to shut off the water and two days later we finally go a hold of our ins company and have them send people out to clean it up and assess any damage. When they get there, we learn that the floor in that section of the house needed to be completely ripped out and replaced. Insurance first said they wouldn’t cover the replacement… Well, PART of my prayer was answered… just not the part I really WANTED answered. After the clean up crew gave pictures of this to the insurance company they finally decided that they would replace the floor, and here we are two weeks later. Basically living with my fiancee’s parents and no water in my house as were have yet to get the pump fixed and I have NO floor in my mud room, if you go to walk in there you would fall into my basement.

So, lesson learned! Sometimes the things we wish for are things that would actually make life more difficult than it already is. Some people wish for money, they think that with the ability to pay off bills or whatever and get what they want that they would be happy. But that’s now always the case, sometimes you have people constantly after you, wanting that money. Some people take it and invest it to hopefully make more money and can end up loosing everything. Some people wish to have someone to love and the person they end up finding uses them, or abuses them and in the end they are still not happy. Even less happy than they were while poor or single. In life, we get what God gives us, and God gives us the best things, we just need to accept them as the best things and take the cues he gives us to make things better.

Don’t get me wrong. Some people do have GREAT prayers that are answered and things end up being what’s best! But sometimes we’re being sent a message when our prayers aren’t answered the way we wished they would be.